Our church property has a number of facilities that are available for hire. The main facilities are:

Main Hall
A modern, open hall, which can seat up to 140 people or be set up with tables and used for dinners or parties
Centenary Hall
A state-of-the-art multi-purpose sport or meeting hall, which can be used for games or seating for up to 100 people
Conference Room
An intimate meeting room for up to 10 people
Meeting Room 1
A cosy room for a meeting of up to 20 people or some low-key activities (including kids' craft or yoga)
Meeting Room 2
A comfortable space for a lounge-style meeting

In conjunction with these areas we have available the following shared facilitites:

  • The Main Kitchen with industrial cooking and dishwashing facilities
  • The Small Kitchen for making morning or afternoon tea for a few
  • The Deck with a barbecue and open area, adjacent to Meeting Rooms 1 & 2
  • Lightweight chairs and tables that can be moved around easily to meet the need of any occasion

If you'd like to find our more please explore the Making a Booking page or email us.