Like most churches, we draw on the resources of a range of people to make things happen. We have a number of staff and many volunteers doing various tasks.

There are separate web pages for:

The other activities of the Congregation are organised by seven teams:

  1. Family & Children's Ministry: Kids' church, Kids' Playtime, special children's services and other activities for children
  2. Finance: Manages the Congregation's finances
  3. Growing in Discipleship: Programs for small group Bible study and other activities designed to encourage growing in the faith
  4. Pastoral Care: Pastoral care for the members
  5. Property: Maintains and manages all of the Congregation's property
  6. Roseville Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support: allowing people on Sydney's North Shore to further assist with the needs of asylum seekers and refugees in our community
  7. Youth & Young Adult Ministry: Activities for youth including Spark and Switch

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