Resource Centre

You will find the Resource Centre set in a corner over to the left in the front part of the main hall.

Please feel free to browse and to borrow from the materials on display. If you borrow, and we encourage you to do this, please:

  • record your name and details of the material in the book provided. Books and DVDs are for borrowing, pamphlets are for taking away and keeping.
  • borrowing period: three weeks

Please explore the range of materials on display.

  • Social justice: covering current themes and issues. Biographies, in particular, are very popular.
  • The Christian life and message
  • Christian spirituality
  • Children’s materials
  • Authors to meet for the first time and to get to know better.

Keep checking this website to keep in touch with new and recommended materials.

Some current examples:

Christ the Stranger. The theology of Rowan Williams. Ben Myers. (Ben Myers will be the leader at our Church camp in September and was with us in both of our church services recently).

Bonhoeffer, Christ and Culture. Ed. K.L. Johnson and T. Larsen.

Welcoming the Stranger. Vol.15. Weavings. (Weavings is a Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life. These brief, challenging articles are well worth exploring. “Room for Christ”, “Strangers and Pilgrims”, “Fear or Fascination? God’s Call in a Multicultural World”…)

A Spectator’s Guide to Jesus. An Introduction to the man from Nazareth. John Dickson.

The Christ Files. How Historians know what they know about Jesus. John Dickson.